mimoa has two projects for "Reuse" of contemporary mini-apartments in the former ALER district in Via Aselli, Milan.
Mimoa rethinks in a modern perspective a layout that has marked Milanese dwellings in the early decades of the twentieth century, via metamorphosis of space.
The original cell of 39 square meters, where the living room and main bedroom were served by undersized kitchenettes and an essential bathrooms, is completely redesigned.
Mimoa’s restructuring concept gives the formerly accessory spaces a key role in the imagined morphological change of living space.
The kitchen and bathroom spaces are envisioned as a ‘theater stage’ so as to set the time within the ‘stage’ of domestic life.
The housing solutions, thought for students, singles, couples and managers, develop towards an interesting and flexible use of space.
Through simple gestures, housing changes according to the needs of a mutating daily life, with the dining table appearing and disappearing according to the residents needs, while the single twin beds can be transformed into a comfortable double bed ready to welcome the visiting guests.
White, floor-to-ceiling panels are used both as doors and wardrobes’ sliding doors, while the large black windows mask functional technical compartments and laundry areas.
Mimoa adopts a simple visual language, using unique materials from accurate and selected Italian craftsmanship. The settings are enriched by the presence of few Designers’ pieces.

Selected Pieces:
Barcelona Chair by Mies Van de Rohe
Rise And Fall Ceiling Light Parentesi by Achille Castiglioni e Pio Manzù
Chairs Series 7™ by Arne Jacobsen
Table Series by Arne Jacobsen, Piet Hein and Bruno Mathsson
Lamps Glo-Ball by Jasper Morrison