Hypothesis: living by the sea, looking for a totally pure place.
Sampieri, a small village in the Ragusan coast, near Scicli, offers a sweet landscape rolling down into the Sicilian Canal’s waters: agriculture by the sea.
The project envisions a house for two people who have left the big town for good. Starting from the ruins of a hut in the middle of the marine countryside, it develops through a thick research related to icons and territory, so as to generate a volume which can dialogue with both the place’s specificity and the clients’ needs.
Design answer to this paradigm is a house articulating through overlapping floors, starting from a basement which is made partially habitable thanks to a pit in the soil keeping away natural humidity; service rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms are here located for particularly hot periods, while the ground floor – a totally virtual, countryside floor – is a wide open space covering half of the surface of the basement, to which it is directly connected. Finally, the mezzanine takes half of the ground floor and  is wide open to the space beneath.
Attention is focused on circulation and connections of different areas in the house, so as not to feel a definite separation between inside and outside, making the two ideas dialogue in a continuous opening of the facade, linking of stairs and offshooting towards outer environment.
Materials are chosen among locally used ones, from lava stone to Modica stone for walls upholstery and custom-made bathroom fixture. All around the house it is vegetal materials: agave, aloe, cactuses, cotyledon, crassula, euforbia, ferocactus, mammillaria, opunzia, sasso, ice plants and yucca…

Project developer:
Project Manager:
Alessandra Memoli