A hearing aid company working all over Italy decides to launch a new enterprise with a new concept for its shops. A Swiss design firm defines the concept, but Italian shops are entrusted to Italian architects.
The shop in Ferrara is turned around so as to obtain a familiar and comfortable environment for the- usually elderly – client. Welcome area is open but intimate, due to the creation of two specific areas, reception ad waiting lounge. Hearing aid advice is given in private rooms divided by wood and glass walls, articulated in horizontal partitions, so as to maintain unity of ceiling, which gives way though granting privacy inside the room. The shop is characterized by a “silent chamber”, a room devoted to hearing analysis in acoustic isolation. Specifically, internal sound waves are absorbed by a back isolated stripe of fabric, custom-made by expert craftsmen.
Furniture is chosen according to its perceptive-sensorial peculiarities, through an identifying color palette, and ergonomic features, so as to adapt seats as for height and dimension. Even shelves and consulting tables are designed for a comfortable use of hearing devices by the client. Last but not least, new shop windows – fundamental means for conveying the new commercial philosophy but also borders to consulting chambers: only the central portion of the wall is transparent, with the back of shelves – displaying a billboard – left visible, while two lateral bands are filtered through a translucent film which avoids being seen from the inside.

Project Manager:
Alessandra Memoli
Project team:
Sebastian Corso (PSCarchitetti), Alessandra Memoli
€ 200.000
General contractor:
Gestione Immobili srl
Falegnameria Benintendi snc