“If you won’t stop it ends up here” (“Se non la pianti finisce”) is the itinerant multimedia exhibition title committed by a non-governmental organization dealing with international cooperation and, in this specific case, with sustainable exploitation of forests.
The connection between humans and trees, communities and forests, is old as time. Today human beings are still gaining fundamental goods and services from them: oxygen, water, energy, minerals, wood, food, health.
The exhibition “Se non la pianti finisce” involves visitors and pushes them to think about and experiment sustainable practices while exploiting forest resources. Staging was therefore envisioned in terms of lack of weight, sustainability and adaptation. The centre of the exhibition is a wooden pallet stage structure, a module which can compose innumerable solutions so as to cut different exhibiting areas out, each related to an area of the exhibition path.
The pallet element modularity allows developing the project in relation to the exhibition space each place provides, from ancient Mole Antonelliana (Ancona), to Rocca Paolina (Perugia),from Urban Center (Bologna) to civic centre San Gaetano (Padova), to traditional school structures (Turin) or more modern ones (Vercelli). Wooden pallet, strictly EPAL, fire-proof and regenerated, is both container and content, recycled and renewed, local and global.
Each staging is built in loco with daily sessions of self-building, which is the first practical use and perception modality of the exhibition itself.

Project developer:
Project Manager:
Alessandra Memoli
€ 3.000 a mostra
Giordano Golinelli